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Early Bird Ticket Prices

All Early Bird ticket holders will be able to attend the Welcome Party on the Friday evening and the After Party on the Sunday night. However, if you wish to include other essential extras, such as a Souvenir Programme, we strongly suggest you invest a few more pounds in advance and purchase one of the 'Inclusive' or 'Super' options (see below). These will save you money in the long run. The various Early Bird options are shown below:

Basic Early Bird Weekend - £88

The full musical line-up, from Friday at 5pm until midnight on Sunday.

Inclusive Early Bird Weekend - £100

Basic Early Bird Weekend +
Full Colour Programme (Value £5); and
Welcome Buffet (Value £8); and
Book of 5 x Raffle Tickets (Value £5); and
Other Goodies & Special Offers

Super Early Bird - £110

Inclusive Early Bird Weekend +
Pre Ordered Festival T Shirt in Size and Colour of Your Choice (Value £15)




2016 Welcome Party

You will recall that our 2015 Festival included a very popular 'After Party' at the conclusion of the Festival. In 2016 we intend to start the Festival were we left off, with a 'Welcome Party' featuring the same band - The Leeds City Stompers. This will start at 5pm on the Friday afternoon and will include a full buffet meal for all purchasing the relevant ticket.

Artist In Residence

The multi award winning Aynsley Lister is not only headlining our 2016 Festival, he's staying for the entire weekend!!! This means he will be opening the Festival on the Friday evening with a solo set, and closing the Festival on the Sunday evening accompanied by his full band. He will also take part in the Jam Sessions and sit in with other artists throughout the weekend, as and when appropriate.

The 2016 Lineup

In addition to Aynsley and The Leeds City Stompers the 2016 Festival will feature an extensive and high quality programme of the very best blues and roots artists, including the most popular band from the 2015 Festival, Wille & The Bandits!! Click here to view the 2016 performers.

After Party

In addition to the above, our 2016 'After Party' will feature TC & The Moneymakers, the very popular house-rocking band that has featured at many of previous festivals.

Late Night Jam Sessions

Another entirely new feature in 2016 will be the Late Night Jam Sessions on Friday and Saturday Nights. These will both feature most of the artists from the Festival including Aynsley Lister, Till Bennewitz, Joel Fisk, and many others.

Fund Raising

Scarborough's TOP SECRET Blues Festival is a not-for-profit organisation. We receive no public funding, no arts council grants, and no large scale sponsorship. In an age of austerity this position is not likely to change anytime soon. This means that we must pay our way and cover the entire cost of the Festival from ticket sales and other fund raising efforts. Chief among these is our 'Top Secret / World Famous' raffle with many top quality prizes, including a luxury hotel break, Multi CD Packages, Cases of Wine, etc. Please bear this in mind when ordering your tickets and throughout the Festival. We are hoping to raise a substantial amount in 2016. This may be essential if we are to invest in our future. Ticket sales alone are never enough.

Scarborough Spa Ocean Room  |  Friday 11th - Sunday 13th March 2016

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